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The Pack of Wolves


3 CD set in fur case

Empire of Wolves - Strength In Numbers Version
Handmade very limited edition 3 track sampler. This CD is a CDROM of the single containing pre-mastered 'test' versions of 3 tracks:
Empire of Wolves - (new version)
Pandora's Box - (previously unreleased)
Radiophonic Worktop – (exclusive track made for BBC Radio 3 programme Night Waves)

Empire of Wolves - Bloodlust Version
Unique handmade blood spatter sleeve art
Empire of Wolves - (new Version)
Drowned Cities, Empire of Wolves, Proximity, Play With Fire, The Last Time, Damaged Software, Re-Emerge, Deep Red - (all tracks recorded live in Cologne, May 2013)

Empire of Wolves - Conquered Lands Version
Full colour sleeve.
Empire of Wolves (new Version)
Pandora's Box
The Leopard (remix)
Empire of Wolves remixes (Dials, Your Silent Face and Motel Hellhound)

Includes screen-printed, signed, Empire of Wolves postcard (printed by Miss Neon).

We'll be sending these via tracked mail within the UK and regular Airmail elsewhere.

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